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Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale

Heritage & Culture

Although Arizona’s a bit of a baby to the United States – the state was third-from-last to become an “official” part of the country, which happened on Valentine’s Day in 1912 – the region was inhabited long before statehood.

As a result, American Indian sites, such as ruins of villages and ancient structures that stand as a testament to ingenuity, and missions that were founded by European, Catholic missionaries in the late-1600s, dot Arizona.

More-recent history includes Victorian mansions in Prescott, the state’s former capital. And of course, who can forget Arizona’s Wild West history, including the famed gunfight at the OK Corral, which is replicated almost daily.

Get a real-life look at attractions that remain relevant to this day, and for centuries. Browse the listings below to see how you can honor pieces of Arizona's past.

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