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The Wigwam, Litchfield Park

Places to Stay

A trip to remember is only made better when you find that perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. After all, half the experience of enjoying vacation is where you end up staying. And you better believe Arizona delivers on some incredible places that help make it a highlight to your trip. 

Ever stay the night on a real dude ranch? From luxury resorts to rustic mountain cabins and even magnificently restored vintage travel trailers, Arizona has as many authentic and amazing places to stay as there are exceptional destinations to explore. Arizona's resorts are some of the best in the nation, offering the perfect respite from your busy life. And one thing’s for sure, no matter where your accommodations are, you’ll surely find incredible scenery and exciting things to do nearby. 

Have a particular city or type of stay you’re looking for? Find the perfect place, or learn a bit more about Arizona’s options for lodging with the menu below.

Fun ways to stay

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