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Scope out some wings. Valle’s Planes of Fame Air Museum is dedicated to preserving aviation history.

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Aviation buffs – and kids – will enjoy strolling amid Valle’s collection of vintage airplanes.

Located halfway between Williams and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (only 30 minutes from each), the small town of Valle is home to its own grand attraction – the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Once the museum outgrew its Chino, California, digs, it transferred more than 40 of its restored aircraft to Valle in 1995; many are still flyable. Friendly docents will show you around the collection of planes, displayed in both an enclosed and outside hangar. Stick around and you might even get to see the engines fire up.

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Valle-Planes of Fame Visitor Center | 755 Mustang Way | Valle-Williams, AZ | (928) 635-1000 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Coconino 1910 5,994ft 832

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