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Legends and lore live on in the wide-ranging Mogollon pueblo located near Springerville. Traveling U.S. Route 191, you’re on the trail taken by explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in his search for the seven cities of Cibola more than four centuries ago.

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Beautiful high-meadow countryside holds secrets of the diverse cultures that collided in Springerville.

Expect exceptional high-meadow scenery as you drive US Route 191, the Coronado Trail, one of the nation’s most scenic byways. The top-rated attraction in town is Casa Malpais Archaeological Park that was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1964. It’s a Mogollon pueblo that dates back to A.D. 1400 and features an astronomical calendar, a great kiva, ancient stairways, and rock art. With its otherworldly lava cones and flows, it’s easy to see why author Edgar Rice Burroughs used the nearby Springerville Volcanic Field as the setting for one of his John Carter of Mars books.

Three other attractions are worthy of a visit. The Madonna of the Trail is an 18-foot statue commissioned in the late 1920s by the Daughters of the American Revolution that commemorates hardy Western pioneer women, the only such memorial in Arizona. The Renée Cushman Art Collection Museum at the Springerville Heritage Center includes an array of impressive European antiques, including a Rembrandt engraving. And finally, the X Diamond & MLY Ranch on the Little Colorado River is home to the Little House Museum. It’s an authentic and bucolic setting that brings ranching, outlaw, and pioneer history to life.

If you visit in summer, the July High Country Hummers Festivals at the Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area is an opportunity to watch experts capture and band the hummingbirds that thrive here. And come winter, you’re just minutes from the slopes of Sunrise Park Resort, one of the best locations in the Southwest for downhill skiing. There are also endless possibilities for off-trail hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching. Whatever, your pleasure, Springerville makes an excellent springboard.

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Apache 1948 6,972ft 1,961

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