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Shonto translates as “sunshine springs” for the mineral-rich natural spring water that flows through Shonto Canyon. Its historic trading post is the town’s top attraction.

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In an isolated and dramatic canyon of tawny walls, Shonto’s historic trading post is a prime place to unearth Navajo rugs.

When it was founded in 1915, supplies were brought over dusty, rutted roads by wagon from Kayenta to Shonto and then sold out of a tent.

Nowadays, commerce at the Shonto Trading Post is conducted in a long, low-slung, building erected after World War II and accessed by a single door. The rough-hewn interior of Shonto Trading Post is in contrast to the sophisticated Navajo arts and crafts that are for sale. This is an authentic shopping experience for those interested in an American Indian keepsake.


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County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo Unknown 6,240ft 591

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