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Second Mesa

The lines between past and present blur in Hopiland. From high atop second mesa, ponder the mysteries of an ancient – and largely unassimilated – American Indian tribe.

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Modern-day Hopis have 10,000 years of history to share with culturally respectful visitors.

The Hopi have deep respect and reverence for their homeland. Hopi ancestors, known as Puebloans, built the cliff dwellings of Colorado’s Mesa Verde and New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon that still survive, a testament to their ingenuity and engineering prowess. The tribal land’s Second Mesa includes the centuries-old villages of Shungopavi, Mishongnovi, and Sipaulovi. Here, you’ll find the Hopi Cultural Center, your introduction to the heritage and customs of the “peaceful people.”

Though you can drive yourself along the corridor that connects the villages, the best way to visit is with an experienced Hopi guide who can share stories and literally open doors to one of the best-preserved cultures in America. A highlight is the Hopi Arts Trail, which showcases the work of silversmiths, carvers, painters, potters, and textile weavers in their home workshops. The Hopi warm easily to guests; don’t be surprised if you’re treated to delicious blue-corn fry bread or invited to return for a future feast day.


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County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo 1600 6,500ft 3,942

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