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Pinetop-Lakeside by Chris Paxman


Just south of Pinetop-Lakeside, this tiny white mountain town – the second-highest city in the state – has fascinating ties to timber.

Right Now

Arizona’s white pine was key to a lumber empire that was very successful back in the day. 

When William Cady realized he had cleared the last of the yellow pine in his home state of Louisiana, he began scouting for an existing lumber operation in the Pacific Northwest and Mexico. His travels eventually landed him in McNary, nestled in the high peaks of Arizona’s White Mountains, where he purchased the defunct Apache Lumber Company in 1924. 

The Cady Lumber Corporation moved its southern workforce to Arizona. For two decades the company town thrived, challenging titans Weyerhaeuser and Georgia-Pacific, until Cady sold the business in 1952.

The close of the mill effectively shuttered the town, and today only a small collection of residents enjoy the quiet of this mountain town, part of the White Mountain Apache tribal lands.


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White Mountain Apache Tribe | 201 E. Walnut St. | Whiteriver, AZ | (928) 338-4346 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Apache 1879 7,316ft 528

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