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Pinetop-Lakeside by Chris Paxman

Joseph City

The oldest Mormon settlement in the state, Joseph City is famed for its jackrabbit trading post along Route 66. It’s located on the banks of the Little Colorado River Basin, east of the Painted Desert.

Right Now

See how many rabbits you can count on this modest, but much-photographed icon along the Mother Road.

In days gone by, the curiosity of travelers along Route 66 – stretching for 1,000 miles from Springfield, Missouri – was piqued by those perky rabbits. It was a stroke of marketing genius that brought the curious from around the globe to a stop at a small, asphalt-shingled building. “Here It Is” the sign reads. It’s still a fun, quirky place to shop for souvenirs and snap photos from your journey.

The ancestors of most of today’s Joseph City residents had the same grit and resourcefulness. They were early Mormon colonists who battled repeated flooding to tame the unpredictable Colorado River, which provided irrigation for their crops. Eventually, after 14 tries, they succeeded in building a dam.

While you’re here, ask a local about Rock Art Ranch. With luck, cowboy Brantley Baird will give you a private tour of the fragments of the past he’s found on his property. Pluck, perseverance, and a little luck – that’s the heart of Joseph City.

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo 1876 5,007ft 1,386

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