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The third mesa in Hopiland is home to these two villages, both founded after tensions arose in nearby old Oraibi. Bacvi is the newer of the two, dating to 1906. Touring these villages offers a lens into a way of life long-preserved.

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To truly experience Hopiland, take a sacred journey through the tribal villages.

A sovereign nation nestled in northeastern Arizona, the Hopi tribal lands are made up of three distinct mesas. The Hopi have always been caretakers of the Earth, peaceful and humble farmers respectful of the land they call home. Despite outside influences, they have survived as a tribe, keeping their culture, language, and religion intact.

The Hopi villages are living villages, continuously occupied for centuries. Culturally sensitive visitation is encouraged and likely to be a highlight in an Arizona itinerary full of them. Visit to engage an authorized, knowledgeable Hopi tour guide. They can arrange visits into the home workshops of celebrated basket makers, carvers, painters, potters, and weavers

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo 1917 6,319ft 957

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