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Cool off. In secluded Cibecue, a secret waterfall offers wet refreshment on warm summer days.

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The city of Cibecue, a secluded small town located in the White Mountains Apache Reservation, holds a wonderful secret: Nearby, a moderate hike leads to refreshing waters flowing through towering canyon walls.

The White Mountains Apache tribal lands are home to a place few know, Cibecue Canyon. It’s a side canyon of the Salt River outside of Globe with a waterfall that plunges 80 feet to clear pools below.

The moderate 2.5-mile canyoneering hike traverses through a gorgeous variety of foliage including ferns, tamarisks, willows, and yuccas. Take off your shoes and socks and get wet! The cool, mineral-rich water is the reward for your efforts.

Camping is available for those who want to hang out a bit and enjoy the scenery.

Just remember to obtain a tribal permit (cash or check only) before you embark on your adventure.

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo 1870 4,920ft 1,331

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